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    Tip: Installing water stainer for the intercooler

    The Sea Doo guys learned a long time ago that if we expected our intercoolers to live a long period of time we had to put a water strainer in the water line feeding them.

    If your intercooler gets clogged up with vegetation or sand, etc. then it's going to perform very poorly and performance will drop off. This will also cause the coils to corrode and eventually spring a leak.

    I just installed a water strainer on my FZR and used the Groco water strainer kit in the online store

    The problem with this kit is it's set up for the Sea Doo's and has the wrong sized fittings so i had to go down to the local hardware store and get some 3/4 NPT x 1/2" barbed hose fittings. I believe Riva is working on a strainer kit that's specific for our skis so be on the look out for that.

    The install is simple. I just pulled the plate that the electronics mount to off of the mid wall and drilled the holes for the strainer bracket. I then through bolted the bracket using some 1/4" x 3/4" long stainless bolts with nylock nuts. Reattach the electronics mounting plate, put the strainer in place and screw in the fittings. Cut the hose and attach it to the fittings.

    You would be surprised at how much debris these strainers pick up. All that debris would have ended up in your intercooler.

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    nice work the pics say it all .

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    It was crazy the amount of grass/sticks/debris i pulled out of my exhaust manifold gasket when i took the header apart, total must!

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    Pro-Tec has some water filters that are 1/2" for PWC'S too-------------------------------------Water Filter Kits
    The Pro-Tec water filter kits have been designed to mount inline with the inlet cooling hose to your watercraft engine. The filters are specifically designed to strain most waterborne particles such as grass, kelp or pebbles. The filter cup is clear to allow easy visual inspection, threaded for quick removal and seals with a durable rubber gasket.
    Part # Description Price

    12-1005 Pro-Tec water filter kit - 3/8"

    12-1006 Pro-Tec water filter kit - 1/2" Here is the link

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    im running one; clean it out after every few rides.

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    thanks for the info tommy

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