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    Kippoteke Showdown, Jet Skis Fishing CBBT

    Me, my brother John and our friend Tommy dropped our Yamahas at the Kippoteke ramp (concrete ships) on the Eastern Shore of Virginia at 0600hrs today. We headed to the High Rise area of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and drifted eels for Striped Bass on the bay side and ocean side in 25-35 foot of water for almost 8 hours. Had one short run early in the day and a couple of dog sharks later in the day. It was a little sloppy in the morning with 3-4 footers but it laid down as the day went on. Very slow fishing today but we all still had a great time and will try again soon. I heard of a couple fish caught but with a couple hundred boats they were far and few. I took a lot of pictures today, there is not much else to do once you are set up drifting eels. (Unless you are also catching fish).
    Here they are.

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    You really are hard core. Furthest that I have ever been out fishing on my Yamaha was just 4 miles off shore....... and I was fishing off of some rock groins.

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    where do you put the fish after you catch it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy View Post
    where do you put the fish after you catch it?
    The storage compartments on each side is big enough to fit at least one shark

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    Great video and information. I'm 100% new to this idea of PWC Fishing but look forward to becoming a more experience PWC angler!

    Thanks again for sharing the pics, video and all the info...

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