Hello Everyone - I am pretty new to this forum and thought I would say hello and introduce myself. I am currently 33 years old, an unemployed engineer/construction manager and we are expecting our first son together in about 6 weeks (she has a daughter and this will be my first child). So if anyone knows of any construction quality control, construction management or geotechnical engineering positions in Hampton Roads or for that matter anywhere please let me know.

I have not really posted anything of importance because soon after buying my first pair of jet skis I lost my job and basically have had no interest. I have ridden jet skis off and on for more than 15 years but I just have not put a priority on buying one until this year. So earlier this year I did - they needed work but they were newer model (2000 and 2002) Sea Doos and I thought I could fix them in pretty quick order and have 2 great skis. Well the plan was working out until I lost my job. So I tried to sell them and what I found out was no one (except for me) was interested in buying skis that needed work. So I looked around and found that I could at least make my money back by parting them out. So I started doing that with the XP and have been pretty successful at selling the parts on Ebay - I would sell here but I don't have enough posts. I am about to part out an RX-DI as well but just have not had the time because of the weather, Christmas shopping, decorating, doctors appointments, etc.

I have found out that a non-running newer model jet ski is worth far more money in parts than it is as a complete unit. Yes it takes time and some people are not able to put the time in but I am in the position where unfortunately I have plenty of time. If anyone out there has a ski that they would like to have parted out let me know - I will part it out, post it on Ebay (or here once I get enough posts), and we can each walk away with more money in our pockets. If your ski is in pretty good shape and just needs an engine rebuild it is worth a lot more in pieces than as a complete ski...assuming it is a newer model.