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    GPRXP in Closed Course?

    is there a class? I am not too interested in hydro drags but wouldnt mind bouy racing the thing, just to see how it fairs.

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    I think you can enter in GP class i think

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    I think you would need a yamaha engine in a yamaha hull w/ stock upperdeck of the ski that the engine waqs originally in

    EX: gpr bottom, 1.8L engine w/ FZR upper deck.

    May be wrong

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    looks like there is a ski GP class but no runabout. I thought there was someone on here that has done some races?

    28.1.1 The Pro-Am Ski GP Ski is the most liberal class in the sport and allows
    any homoloated engine to be used in a hull that meets the APBA weight,
    width and length restrictions for a Ski division watercraft. Below are the
    GP Ski class rules.

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    didn't Insanediego Joe do some racing with his?

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    the PRXP is and will not be legal for racing , there was never a class where the GPRXP would be legal !

    also in GP class the topdeck has to match with the engine !!!.

    but you could use a GPR botom on a RXP topdeck to go with the ROTAX engine !.

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    so a gprxp will be totally legal to race as long as the the top deck matches the engine...

    i think the biggest problems is that if it is a modified hull u automatically have to go in GP class even if the engine is stock...

    so u have to be backing some good mods to compete...

    this is my understanding can anyone confirm??? thanks

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    sorry that might be a bit confusing....

    so u have a gprxp with rxp top OR a grp-sho with sho top....

    can u go in a respective class compared to the engine mods in your ski or because of the conversion must u go in the gp class (then u will need big power to keep up)

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    MR is correct. There is no legal class in the current structure of the IJSBA and APBA. It does not fit in a gp class because the top deck doesn't match the engine. However, if you have a ski with a one of a kind top deck, you can put whatever engine in it you want. Strange, and retarded, but it's how the manufacturers keep you out of racing with a watercraft that is superior to their clusterwhales.

    Look outside of these orgs to race your craft.

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    k so just put a top deck on that matches the engine.. my question is once u have the correct top deck, mods are irrelevent no matter if u are stock or runnig 30 psi u must go in gp class right? thanks

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