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    Question STX900 Fuel Consumption

    Took my newly purchased 2000 STX900 out today and it ran AWESOME!! However, my friends were with me on their Polaris (2 stroke) and a Honda (4 Stroke)....On the way in, my fuel warning light was I switched to reserve, the fuel warning light still stayed on.

    I managed to make it back to the ramp, but my friends were still at 1/2 full on their fuel tanks...

    We had stopped before we went out and filled up the the STX just a thirstier ski?

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    you are sure it was the fuel warning light? when you switch to the reserve it wont turn the light off, you have to push the mode or set button on the display. it is a pretty thirsty ski, with a fairly small tank... make sure it wasnt the oil light though


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    The easiest way to think of how reserve works is it's just another, longer tube in the same gas tank. Switching to reserve will not cut off the alarm.
    I have found on a friends STXR that the alarm comes on REALLY early, almost seems like half a tank .

    Not sure what the size of your fuel tank is but I think what you want to do is to see how much fuel it takes to fill it back up. Get a feel for how many gallons are left when the alarm comes on and pay attention to your range. A simple GPS will help you pay attention to your milage but after awhile you'll just get a feel for it...

    Oh, nothing is going to match the fuel economy of the 4-stroke Honda's and if the Polaris is a Di, they sip fuel as well.
    Good Luck

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