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    will i need to repitch

    have a 03 sportster 155 hp with a 11/19 impeller pitch. plastic pump.
    just won on ebay metal pump housing with stanless ring and solas 12/20 concord for $200.
    do you think i will need a repitch? wont know untill spring as i live in MA.
    THANKS posted in boat forum but not much action

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    what RPM's are you turning now with the 11/19?

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    most likely be to tall is your old prop bad as it will fit in the alloy housing otherwise take a little pitck off the back blades (1mm) approx and try it

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    Before you repitch, get soem more airflow into the motor to give it some more power so it can turn the bigger prop...That way you would only have to adjust it a little.

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    dont remember my tach rpms been awhile since i drove it.
    ill try changing my intake and resonator if i have to repitch, good idea. thanks for your help

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