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    Glad to have her back for xmas

    As a few will know i have bought a sho and now pretty consumed with modding her and i will say enjoy riding her in the rough water we get in the winter months,
    your all thinking WTF its a 2 stroke section.... and i will explain..

    i gave the garage to the sho when i brought her home and sent the gpr packing into storage its been a rush but in between shift work modding the sho and life i have built the gpr its own garage on the other side of my home(bought her a new trailer) and today got her back from storage and she's all wrapped up in her own place now and dont have to slum it with the sho...
    man i missed just looking at my gpr and really dont want to be without her again...cant wait to get her some new fuel + oil and go stretch her legs.....
    moral of the story...if you move on and buy another ski always keep a gpr in your stable as well for your kicks..let alone her sick lines and ability to wave jump.....god i missed her...

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    new home

    congradulations!i,m sure you'll spice her up a bit, just love reading how you "found a home" or "resting place" for the GPR #ucking beautiful! My wife always gives me one of these "YOU LOVE THAT JET SKI MORE THAN ME!"rants,
    good luck!

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    Hello Paul, It's like different type of women. The SHO is good for comfort and taking a nice ride with not too much pain at the end of the day, And then you have the GPR when you get on you know it's going to be a wild ride and you are going to have fun but at the end of the day you know your going to be hurting but you don't mind because it was well worth it.

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    Hey Jim do you have to buy the GPR dinner first

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    Shame Paul! , but glad you have her taken care of again!...
    my GPR Mistress is just a door way away at all
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