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    If polaris stayed in the business, wouldnt we be riding a 300 horse four stroke polaris? Cuz as you well know the msx 150 made 150hp on 750cc's. And if polaris would have kept up with the averge hot-rod displacementfor skis(1500cc) just think of the posibilities. Man i miss polaris...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossbergman View Post
    If Polaris stayed in the business, wouldn't we be riding a 300 horse four stroke Polaris?
    ...the MSX 150 made 150hp on 750cc's...
    Actually, the MSX 150 engine was rated for 135HP, same as the MSX 140 2-stroke

    However, that 750cc Weber engine can be wound tighter;
    Offering ECU upgrades -- MSX150 & MSX110

    BTW, Weber now has an 850cc version available. Similar stock HP numbers, but a different torque curve.

    WHY stop in 04?

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