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    gp800r hull weight

    Does anyone know if there is a weight difference between the years of gp800r?
    i know that the 2003+ years of gp1300r is lighter then gp1200r.
    but did that translate to the gp800r too?

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    I think it stands to reason that all GPR's, whether 800 or 1200 or 1300 share hulls. So the earlier 800/1200 hull would weigh the same, and the later 800/1300 would weigh the same. I might be wrong, but I don't think I am. Yamaha did the same thing with the earlier GP hulls, 760/800/1200.....all the same. Only the pump tunnel was different on the early GP's, the GPR's share the same pump.

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    I found this on the internet for the 2004 lineup.
    it mentions "ultra light" SMC for the 1300r
    but just SMC for the 800r..

    so which leads me to believe that the 1300r hull is the lightest of all three.. where the 800r used the old hull material to save cost..

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