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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    Hi I wanted to check if some one could give me some answers.
    Im from Iceland (and Im riding there in the cold sea) and my english isnt the best but Ill try

    I have two stand up jet-skis
    Yamah SJ 650 1992 and I just bought a kawasaki SXI Pro 750 1999.
    I inported it from America and it was in racing so it has some performance parts on it. I can ride it pretty fast (much faster than the superjet) but when I try to jump it in waves on slow speed, it doesent have the same kick as the 25 less horsepowered superjet (feels like it doesent have as mutch thrust when I give it max trottle on slow speed)
    I noticed that the rideplate on the kawasaki sticks out farther back than on the superjet.
    could that be the reason why its not as fun in jumping and in frestyle?
    and what can I do to make it more of a freestyle ski?

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