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    Athlete of the decade?

    Tiger Woods was named "Athlete of the Decade" today by the associated press...

    Im trying to decide how I feel about it...

    What do you guys think?

    Certainly there are other considerations: Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, etc.

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    If they only base it on performance on the golf course, I would agree.

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    I agree with that, Tiger has been at it for years and he is an amazing golfer. i'm not sure if you follow golf, but some of the stuff he does on the course is unbelievable.

    I'm sure people will go crazy about that, considering his recent troubles, but that does not change his accomplishments.

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    Hes a bad husband, but that doesnt take away from him as an athlete.

    What about Michael Phelps? He dominated TWO olympics.
    Tom Brady has three superbowl rings and 4 appearances in a decade and holds nearly every important statistical record a QB can have.

    food for thought.

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    Business is business, sports are sports...He is an accomplished in a sport that is based on individual performance, not a team effort. For that he deserves it...

    His recent issues have existed before he became mainstream...

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    Your argument about team vs. individual sports is vaild.

    What about Phelps then?

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    I play golf, so this comment is based on experience and not merely speculation..But at times I feel like golf is more about skill than athleticism...

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    Your argument about team vs. individual sports is vaild.

    What about Phelps then?
    Isnt Phelps the weed smoker?

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    Yeah and Woods is a serial cheater apparently but as discussed above, it doesnt take away from the athletic achievements.

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    Well, I'm sure Wood's agent will rejoice at any awards, since his sponsors have started dropping him; but let's face it—GOLFERS ARE NOT ATHLETES.

    Even if he was one, athletes who step out on their wife and kids to have extramarital sex with more than a dozen women, including porn stars, nightclub hostesses, cocktail waitresses, etc. are not "winners" they are "losers," and should not be trusted with anything or given major public accolades in my opinion.

    Woods is a skilled golfer, who had everything, but destroyed his own family because he couldn't keep his pee pee in his pants again, and again, and again.... maybe he learned it from Daddy:

    Meanwhile, his wife has announced she is dumping him for greener pastures:

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