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    Kawasaki Ultra 250X - Question?

    I have read that an Intake Grate and Ride Plate added to a stock Kawasaki Ultra 250X would increase the speed of this ski from 3-4 miles per hour more than the stock plate and grate. BUT....., I have also heard that these mods could also cause your ski to not perform as well in rough waters. I ride my ski in a river where the water is mostly smooth. My ski will do about 65 mph on the smooth water and I'm looking to hit around 70mph. Is this mod worth the extra $500+ dollars or am I best to leave the stock items on my ski and just leave as is? Are these mods worth the $500+ for the extra 4 miles per hour? Would like to hear someone elses ideas on this cheaper upgrade and is this worth sacrificing rough waters performance?

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    Re: Kawasaki Ultra 250X - Question?

    I can't answer all your questions, but I have a grate for sale much cheaper than list price. It's the rd brand. Like new!!

    Let me know

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    Riva Plate gave me more top end (about 2mph)
    I have been told by many not to get an after market grate, unless you ride rough water or in the ocean.

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    Hi, you need to know before that on ultra you never see so big increase with mods...

    For what i have understood if you put a riva plate you will also need 2 deg pump wedge( oem from lx) and you increase 2-3 mph speed but you loose some hookup.

    As far as intake grate r&d seems the one with better hookup.

    If you prefer make tests you can buy a tbm tunable....

    Otherwise i have heard that you can mod your stock plate with good results.

    But don't be sure of good gain... it is possible to increase some mph but Imo i prefer to find a good handling solution more similar to mine style of riding. If you prefer hooking due to big waves or not.

    Check also in teammoto racing reviews, you can see good advice.

    My.2 cents

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    Try diff combos

    I run a TBM Intake Grate, TBM Ride Plate & TBM Sponson Set -
    I ride in flat rivers to open ocean swells...
    Hard to beat the adjustability of the TBM Plate & Intake Grate

    I used to run the RIVA Plate and JSU Intake Grate...
    they were fine..just wanted to try something diff.

    The RIVA Ride Plate & JSU Intake Grate are sitting in my garage...
    they have about 50 hours on each/ no rust
    Willing to sell both for $150 total
    Also have set of RIVA Sponsons - 50 hours - $150

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