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    Sea Doo Rust Removal

    I have just removed the pump from my 05 RXT for the first time to flip my wear ring and realized after a lot of strugglind that the pump and shatf were "Rust Welded" together. Anyone have suggestions on how to prevent this from happening in the future?

    I would also like to hear about how others are handling small rust/corrosion to the smaller 10mm bolts throughout the ski. I do take very good care of my ski but I also ride in Salt water a lot.

    Please help.. I want to go riding today. hahah Tampa,Fl... sorry northerners..

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    Keep marine grease on the splines. May need to take it off yearly(or more) and grease it if youre worried about it seizing up again. My jet ski still had the grease on the spines from the factory after 80 hours. Gotta love fresh water.

    Try to keep everything rinsed off after every ride and keep a silicone spray(or similar) on everything.

    Just curious, what did your wear ring look like? How many hours were on it? Any pics?

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    For overall protection, you should be using a specialized product,
    something like Salt-Away or Fluid Film; see these links:

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    what 10mm bolts are rusting?? inside or outside of hull?? most of the bolts are SS.....while i've seen a little rust,it's been minor,and i ride pretty much the same conditions as you....
    do you leave it outside,or on a lift??

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    Sorry no pics of the wear ring but I was losing MPH on the top end so I flipped it around and noticed a big difference in the gap between the ring and prop.

    I always use Salt Away and Store the ski in a garage but I have noticed that some of my tools have shown surface rust. Moved to Tampa three years ago so I am not used to the humidity as far as storage is concerned. I am seeing the rust mainly on the exterior SS.

    Just curious if everyone is simply spot cleaning or taking preventitive measures

    Thank you

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    Seadoo made some hardware changes over the years. I think in 05 they stopped using stainless hardware on most of the engine and some of the hull to see if it made a difference They have changed back. Yamaha has used very few stainless bolts forever and seadoo was testing to see if they could.

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