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    96 speedster exhaust problem

    am new 2 jetboats and could only afford an older model - 1996 has only done 125hrs and is in good condition but am having trouble with exhaust breaking bolts off at manifold. any advice greatly appreciated. also want torque setting for large clamp that joins exhaust to tuned in perth western australia so not sure of time delay but ope someone can help?

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    witch motor do you have single or twin 720 or 800

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    if he is breaking off the bolts at the manifold he has the 720, plus it is a 96 and the 800 was only in the Challenger not the speedster in that year....

    To fix your problem, you will need to keep the band clamp at the mid pipe loose as well as all the mounting bolts. Replace the bushings that hold the pipe to the manifold and use red loctite on the new bolts...There was a service bulletin about this years ago on the skis...

    Once all the manifold to pipe bolts are tight, then thighten the pipe mounting bolts and the band clamp..You dont have to take the band clamp off and the pipe apart but leave it loose so that it will rotate when reassembling everything...

    Should fix your problem

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