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    How much time for installation?

    I just watched riva`s video(youtube) on there 310 hp kit,,Dave explains that the average mechanic can install these components in less than 3 hours!!! It consisted of the power filter,intake upgrade,super charger impeller,Vipec ECU,intercooler now my question is can all of these items be installed in 3 hours?
    My other question is since ive got the video as proof,, he plainly states it takes only 3 hours to install all of these parts!!!!would riva be willing to install all of these items and only charge 3 hours labor to do so?I would think a riva mechanic would be able to install these way faster than the average guy being these are there parts and the experience they would have with them!!!!
    At $100 an hour labor which is about $25.00 higher than the going rate i think that would be a deal if riva would do it for that!!!!
    You guys that have installed all of these ,about how long did it take?

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    I have everything but the ECU and intercooler. The shop I talked to quoted me 6 hours to do the install.

    Since i have more time than $$$, I did it myself and it took me 8 hours. But, I was in no hurry and took my time. If i had to do it again I could probably knock off 2 hours.

    The full stage 3 with the additional cooling lines. Starting with a stock ski. I would say 8-10 hours for an average experienced person.

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    If you've done it several times, I can maybe see 3 hrs for the intake, SC, IC & manifold upgrade if you work like a machine with no cigarette breaks. It's much easier to do those all at once because pulling the manifold is a bit easier with the IC out of the way. But after that you'd still have the prop, exhaust, ride plate, grate/PPK, ECU & FPR. A little more than a 3hr job I'd say.

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    I would love to sit through a 3 hr video watching all that go togehter that quickly. I believe it can be done in 3 hours if the motor is out of the ski. It took me about 5 hrs or more just for just the intercooler alone, and I really feel that its the toughest modification yet. Especially if you are working alone with non powered tools. .02

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