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    Noob needing purchase advice

    I have been looking around for a deal on 2 PWCs for me and my wife. I had set a limit of $6000. I know that is not much but thats all I have.

    He's what I've come down to.....

    2 - 2000 SeaDoo GTXs with 140 hours each for $5800 or 2 - Yamahas (a 2001 xlt1200 with 60 hours and a 2000/1 Yamaha xl 800 with about 70 hours for $4000. Both sets come with trailers.

    The SeaDoos look nicer and the xlt1200 has 4 inch crack at the very front tip.
    I'm looking for your expert opinions. I've never own one so I figure you all would be a good place to start. Thanks in advance.


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    The GTX was Seadoo's top of the line ski. I have a 98 GTX and love to ride it. If I were looking, though I think I would look for a 3 seater for tubing, etc and a 2 seater for fun. As much as I love the GTX, I usually ride a 96 GSX or 96 XP. It is nice to have a choice.

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    Is it worth the $1800 difference for 1 year older skis with more hours?

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    I would def say go with the gtx's...but it does have 140 hours...maybe someone else could chime in...but I do like the gtx's

    I agree with the above post though....see if you canfind a 3 seater and a two seater...those gtx's will be 3 will love the ride of the 2 seaters but love the stability and towing ability of the 3 seaters....

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    rj60: My best advice would be to save your money until you can
    buy a pair of 4 strokes; the 4 stroke engines were a big leap forward in PWC technology. Right now you should able to get a couple of those for around $10K or less, and you will be getting a much more reliable setup; great fuel economy, less pollution, better starting, no oil in the fuel to clog things up, etc. Get on the Boat Trader website and look around for a deal, throw out some offers. I think Yamaha launched the FX-140 in 2002 or 2003, they are not great performance craft but they are usually reliable. Honda also makes some nice 4 strokes and so does Sea-Doo, all I'm saying is get a 4 stroke; you won't regret it, especially at resale time.

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