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    Question for fellow cigar smokers

    I've been using using propylene glycol for awhile now & although my hygrometer always reads 68-72% @ ~75*, my cigars seem to be drying out. A friend of mine says that it will actually pull humidity out of the wood in the humidor after awhile. Anyone else had issues with this type of humidification?

    This is what I'm using:

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    My cigars always seem to smoke better the dryer they get. But my cigars aren't like yours or are they?

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    I only smoked Cohiba Habanos from Habana, Cuba, and kept the box in a home made humidore.(loose wrapped plastic bag with small water dish inside). They got a little moldy. Some guys like that, not me. (draws too tight, and tastes like shit)
    Now I smoke Cuban "Robina Padrinos" (much superior), and our humid climate permits storage in a zipped lock freezer bag. I'll bring you one. Humidore only needed if you're trying to cure a good smoke out of a moose turd from the Dominican Republic, which is of course, all you guys can legally smoke.

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