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    Injector install question

    Just installed some 42s to complement other upgrades this winter.

    2 of the 3 injectors sealed with no visible gap at all - those are the end injectors.

    The middle injector pushed in fine but seems to have the very slightest of gaps (ie: visibly doesn't seem to have sealed quite as well as the injectors on each end) on the motor side.

    I assume I need to only worry about the o-ring sealing to the intake manifold and that a very, very small gap between injector and intake is not a big deal.

    Anything I should be concerned about? (Of course I will test out ski on hose and look for leaks.)


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    Start it up and spray a little brake clean on the seal and see if engine changes its idle at all. Or you could spay soapy water on it while riding. Look for bubbles when boost comes up

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