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    Well, it is time to buy rods for my project. I have 6 of the 7 bearings sitting here, and have found a source for the 7th. (Dang that one with the ring is pricey!) Now it is time to decide which rods to put into it. I have found WSM rod kits as well as HotRods rod kits. The HotRods kits are about $20 per kit higher than the WSM kits. Is there any advantage to spending an additional $60 on rods to go with the HotRods over the WSM rods? I think they both come with new bearings, thrust washers, and crank pins, so that wouldn't explain the price difference. Any thoughts?

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    my crank guy uses the WSM's, and we have had very good luck.

    i can order you some, if you need. ( direct from WSM)


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