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Thread: PWC gps

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    PWC gps

    ey guys what do you recommend for a gps i had a garmin gpsmap 60 but i guess from hitting alot of pump whens driving on the water, it sorta shuts off on its own now. so i need a new one! what do you guys recommend for the water and also i guess for snowmobiles since i will be doing alot of that this year. and i think needs to have the maps feature also.

    thank you

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    Got this one a couple years ago...
    Garmin 276C, Land and Sea with chartplotter, I think it has a 4 inch color screen, we use it in the SUV, we use it in the PWC, we use it in the boat for diving, this sucker will put you right on the reefs and leaves a red line so you can go back the way you came.
    Garmin Blue Charts for Florida Coast and all U.S. road maps

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    anyother inputs? its just alil to big for my taste ...

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    What do you want it to do? Just max speed and such? Do you want maps on it or just show you how to get back to where you started? I got a basic Garmin eTrex from a year or so ago for like $70 I think. No map capability, but shows your route and will take you back to a starting point. Stops me from getting lost. I use it for snowmobiling and on the jetski. The eTrex series has tons of aftermarket mounts you can buy.
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    thats looks good cheap too which is good! i might look into that i dont want to spend a furtune. is there anything that has maps on it for close to the same price?

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    Yeah they can come with maps, if you don't get the real basic model that I did.

    I got the one that is priced at $88, but I don't think I paid that much. It was on sale or something, cause it was right around Christmas when I bought it. I think the Legend has maps. Read the descriptions and it should tell you.

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    I have a garmin colorado 300, its a handheld unit with full colour screen and a base map and can be used with any activity you have planned. I bought a cheap Etrex one at first then took it back as it was hard to read at night out on the lake. Mine can also plot your route so when your coming home you can follow the route you took there, This option sold me as i have to come in on plain into my channel cause it only 4ft deep and very weedie aswell the channel is only 20ft wide is unmarked and cuts through a wetlands area. So ya it almost impossible toget into my channel at night with out a good GPS. IMO save up over the winter and get your self a good one.

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    Garmin GPS Map 76Csx

    This is what I use. I'm not familiar w/ the SD GTX models, but I have an '06 RXT. And SeaDoo built a glove box lid w/a port for this model to snap in to. And it works great. Mounts right in and is not coming out until you remove it.

    But this Garmin handheld is not the cheapest either... I bit the bullet so I wouldn't have to figure a way to mount it to my ski w/screws, zip ties, brackets...

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    yea i hear you with the seadoo glove box. i just leave mine in yhe glove so i know nothing will happen to it but i guess that didnt work haha. i want something small ill deff look at the etrex series.

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    I have an Oregon 400 works good and has lots of features on it and is small enough to work well. If you can find a map 76 cs it is a great little GPS. Also for 99 you can send your gps back to Garmin and they will fix it. Just a thought.

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