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    Awesome custom airbrushing for all types of applications check it out!!

    I had this done by a local artist named Jay Skorupski of Wallingford Ct.

    Here is a link to his website and to his facebook page (he has tons more pics on facebook than on his actual web page):!/XSPAINT

    He does everything from race cars to bikes to jet ski plastics to YOU NAME IT!

    He does AMAZING work for a VERY reasonable price. If I told you what he charged me for this job, you wouldnt believe me!

    Check out his website and do NOT hesitate to contact him for any type of job, big or small!!
    Several other Greenhulkers have had work done by him as well.

    If you want to see more pics of the ski, check out my build page around page 70.
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    Heres a few more.

    This is nothing compared to seeing it in sunlight!

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    Looking great! She will Love it!Lee

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    James, i hope you make down for Mudbug. I would love to see that ski in person.

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    We hope so too.
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    Very nice work...

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    Very nice

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