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    Changed ther wear ring--

    I noticed that the impeller has some small nicks on the edges of several of the blades. I noticed a slight bend on two of them-- caused by injesting somthing I'm sure. I got a piece of hard plastic stuck a few weeks ago and had to dig it out.

    Should this be of concern ? Can the blades be straightened/rebent or is it a buy-a-new-one deal ?

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    Mine also has some nicks on the edges so Im curious what others will say. Nothing is bent though.

    If its bent I would say it will cause some vibrations.

    Heres mine:

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    I have had 2 repaired at IMPROS over the last 5 years it takes time but they are better than new when you get them back. SBT does them also but I dont like their hiring practices and general mode of operation. Bent blades will definitely hurt performance but nicks wont have as big of an effect

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