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    Does the Motec Software Run on Mac?

    I am thinking about a Motec and a new computer. So will they work togather or do you need a third party's software to make it work?

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    Short answer is no.

    Maybe via something like VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.

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    I use the following on my Mac

    VMware Fusion 3 .... Optimized for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    This lets me run a stand alone Windows system within my Mac...
    You still need to install windows in the new environment and I run
    MS Office
    Garmin Marine GPS software... etc

    I have down loaded the MoTeC I2 & ECU software and can view data log files (from GH) as well as a friends MAP files in this Windows environment.

    Virtual Machine is a great product at a reasonable cost... from memory about $80 for a new licence or upgrade for $40

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    Well i just bought two a 27" of some sort and a MacBook Pro.
    I dont care what they say there is a learning curve for these things!

    Once I decide on a ski and computer the issue may become prevalent??

    Any good sites for help I could check out?



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    Google will be your friend on learning the mac. It really is not difficult to learn .

    I second vmware fusion. I have never used but a person who uses it a lot recommended it for running windows inside the mac os

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