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    Cool To buy or not to buy - 2006 Sea Doo RXP 95 hrs. of use.

    I have 15 hours to decide to or not to buy 2006 Sea Doo supercharged jet ski with 95 hours use. Price $5250. Should I be concerned with bushiings/shaft concerns and ceramic vs metal washer issues before deciding to buy? Seller is auto/boat dealer and sez jet ski is tuned and ready to go. I live 750 mi. from seller? Would you buy it w/out test ride?

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    You never want to be put in any situation where a short time is involved to make high dollar decision! Thats the first red flag second one is if he isnt the oringinal owner of the ski where you can get a detailed history then run my friend! 95 hrs of use the super charger will need rebuilt anyways thats a easy $300 rite there. 750 miles away and no test ride plus buying from a TRADER too many red flags for my liking! Save your money, do your home work here by reading all you can about these ski's, find one closer, buy from the oringinal owner with a good history, better yet find someone on here that the family can back up thats in or close to your area thats selling a ski to buy from!
    So my opinion is NO dont buy this ski!

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    welcome to the forum

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    Plus a BIG 1 on above reply.

    Makes excellent points.

    Too far. No test drive. No history. Time constraint.

    Now if the price was an unbelievable deal that you
    could afford to gamble, then maybe. The price is fair,
    so I say NO and keep looking
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