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    GPR Skat 155mm pump rebuilding

    Time to rebuild my skat 155mm pump for my gpr
    just wondering what bearings are guys using? are OEM the way to go or is there an upgrade? also I guess the seals are only available from Skat? Anyone using anything else?

    I also need a cone for my pump, anyone got one for sale?

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    There are upgrades to this pump. WFO is a better source of knowlege in this area then me though.

    One thing to consider: when you beef up one part of your drive train, then another part of that train will be the weak link.

    A really great guy named Mark Hahn (God rest his soul) used a mod a few years back to keep from tearing the snout off of his cranks in rough water racing. Once he strengthened his crank, his pump bearings began failing prematurely. He deduced that the engine load was transfered from the crank to the pump bearings and had to upgrade there as well.

    Discuss your up grade with Richard, he will keep you straight.

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    ya, I am not so concerned with "beefing" it up, I was just wondering if there was a bearing that lasts longer or doesn't fail as easy. Same goes for the seal.
    Thanks Salty


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