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    Potential High Surf Alert for Hawaii & California 1st week of January

    Reid Inouye forecasting 'The 100 Year Wrath' for HawaiiNorth Pacific swell chart : FNMOC / NOGAPS Zoom

    180hr Swell Charts | 180hr Animation

    True Meaning of El Nino
    Bigger than '69, 75'-76' or 84'
    Reid Inouye forcasting 'The 100 Year Wrath' swell approaching
    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 December, 2009 : - - I've been reading the maps and looking at charts for the last 10 years and got a pretty good read on what's coming. The last two big swells this December I had right on the money. This next one coming is not just going to be big. This one will be destructive.
    During the 75'-76' season, I saw Jerry's Sweet shop get cleaned out. And the restaurant was across Haleiwa Beach Park on the mountain side of Kam Highway. Anahulu Bridge had waves of 5-6 feet running through it. Around March 1984, I saw a wave go from Kaena Point clear through Waimea Bay. It had to have been at least 60 feet or over 100 foot faces pouring through. In the last four weeks I've seen the swells drop lower and lower in the upper Pacific and the fetch had been missing us each time. Well, this time this next one is really west and looks to be pointing directly at us. Don't take this one lightly. If it does hit direct, there will be destructive activity along the northwest and west shores of Kauai and Oahu. If you've ever seen houses slide off foundations on the north shore of Oahu, this one has that same kind of power. Bottom line, be careful, be ready and and watch this one. This will be no tourist, sightseeing matter. I call it "The 100 Year Wrath". Almost hope it doesn't hit but looks like this system is getting stronger.

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    If this not launch.

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