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    Talking looking for 720 seadoo oil injection pump and small cable

    Hi! I am looking for an oil injection pump for a sea doo 720 engine, and I also need the small cable that connects the oil pump to the throttle. I bought a used ski that was converted to premix and have had nothing but problems with it from the word go, so I am replacing the oil pump and rebuilding the top end again.... thanks in advance!
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    i have several with the cable 35.00

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    i have some here as well. freshwater, excellent shape. i also have oil tanks from assort seadoos, if you need.

    35.00 + s&h for pump & cable. 15.00 for tank, with fittings, etc.

    send me an email, or call, if i can help at all. thanks

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    how bout we just trade pump for plate

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    oil injection pump and small cable

    $30 for both the pump and small cable? here is a link to a ebay sale with a picture of the cable I need, is your cable just like this one?

    Let me know.
    Ben Smith

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    30 shipped

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    I will just send u the whole intake with pump and wire on it

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