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    anyone need anything picked up between columbus, oh and ct look now!

    I am leaving a 3am Tuesday (tomm) and heading just West of Columbus, OH to drop off my Mustang to its new owner. I will be coming back with an empty 24' enclosed trailer. If anyone needs anything small/ jet skis/car related to be transported back, I will return weds. sometime. call me asap at 203 537 4321 and we can work something out.


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    shit man.. youre a hell of a guy for doing that for the buyer. That drive sucks donkey balls. I drove to Cleveland to buy my 350z. It was not a fun time. Driving across Pennsylvania from east to west feels like driving across the country- nothing to look at but truck stops and corn. Godspeed brother.

    Touch base with me when youre back so I can get that grate.

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    Get some Rooster's chicken wings in Columbus.

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    yea tell me about it. it was a drive, but glad it's gone, and there was no way I would let someone take that car on an open trailer that far, was wayyy to clean to get destryoed.

    James, pm me your number, we can meet up anytime till sunday.

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    pm sent

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