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    Jeep Cherokee XJ lifted on 33" MTR

    See here for details.

    LMK if anyone is interested. Will ship.
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    Link is dead.

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    link fixed. if you have problems with the link try searching for your item, clicking your item in the search results then use that link. odd some work, some don't.

    Back to your normally scheduled discussion....

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    James that is soooooo tempting.

    My beater is on its way out, and this would be perfect for me. Only thing is I am in the middle of buying myself another sports car and this would cut my budget by the purchase price of this.


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    Its a solid jeep. runs strong and should continue to do so for a long time.

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    I've seen this in person - looks very nice (even though I am not a Jeep person at all!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by STItaxi View Post
    I've seen this in person - looks very nice
    + 1.

    Solid Jeep, kept in great shape.

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    Just sold it today. Its going to be on its way to Colorado in a few days

    Once it hit ebay, my phone started ringing off the hook. I had it sold within 12hrs of listing it.
    Im going to miss that jeep.. the wrangler I just bought is going to be fun but has NO room in it by comparison...
    This XJ was my beach buggy..

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