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Thread: Wave jumping

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    Wave jumping

    Hey everyone im new to this site and new to the jet ski world.
    Ihave a gp1200r 2000 with a 14/19 prop [email protected] ride plate and a worx intake grate,the motor is pretty much stock just a d plate and exhaust. i have just done a top end rebuild just cause i thought it would be a good idea.

    I only use this ski for wave jumping as that is all i want from it, It has a top speed of about 112k just seeing how i could set this ski up better for wave jumping and what would i need.
    Any help would be great.

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    The rear seat latch will open under water presure. Drill a 1/4 hole and wire tie it. My son did that and sank the ski.

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    For real well i guess i will have to do that

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    Here is what's in your way (practicle):

    You have a heavy ski. Lighten it up as much as possible (1/2 tank of gas or less).

    14/19 impeller. Have it repitched to a 13/19 to move water (increase thrust) quicker through your pump.

    Adjust your thrust nozzle to give you maximum bow lift.

    Here's what's in your way (expensive, but oh so good once installed):

    Some people would suggest a hole shot kit, but they are not much good after your boat gets over 3000-3500 rpm. More than likely you are cruising around at 10-20 mph looking for that perfect wave and running higher rpms than that.

    Conservative timing curve. Use an aftermarket CDI

    Low engine compression. Increase compression for more bottom end punch.

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    CDI Where do i get one from and how much? what is a hole shot kit? thanks salty for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 66V View Post
    CDI Where do i get one from and how much? what is a hole shot kit? thanks salty for your help.

    CDI's are very expensive brand new and are generally purchased by people who want to take their GPR to a much higher level. Go to the classified section in this forum and place a WTB (want to buy) thread for a CDI. You may get 1 for as little as 100 bucks if you are patient. $150-200 is a decent buy. In my humble opinion, the Advent brand is the best, but R&D and the RIVA brands are OK too. As a last resort, you may be able to send your stocker CDI off to have it reprogramed, but for the life of me cannot remember who to send it to. I think Protec used to do it.

    I believe that the hole shot kit can be purchased from the Green Hulk store (they have a discount for many of the things they sell), for sure directly from Jetworks, and Long Island racing. Make sure that the inlet and outlet to the Jetworks valve is the large opening 3/8 inch). Once again, I caution you that this mod will not be helpful to you if you begin accellerating with your rpms over 3500. It will help tremendously if you are idleing (approx. 1200 rpms) and accellerate from there.

    Before you jump into these mods, do a search and do a lot of reading on them first. They are both excellent mods and will perform as advertised. The trick for you is to figure out exactly what you want and if they will satisfiy your long term goals.

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    Is there anything to setup on the ski. why is the hole shot kit not good at 3000 rpm does it bog down is this a good noticable mod to do?

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    The holeshot kit is to improve your low end, if you are up above 3500-4000rpm, then it already done working.

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    This may help you out , use the search button for extra help.
    good luck

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    with the hole shot kit would this make the motor over heat if i was ilding around for ages

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