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Thread: Bunk Length

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    Bunk Length

    I have a Triton 2 place LT. The carpet on one of the bunks is rubbed through already so I was going to replace it. I was figuring out how much carpet to get when I realized it only has 5' bunks on it. My old Yacht Club single place had 6 footers. The more I look at it, the more I think they are too short, especially for the three seater. How long are your bunks? Think I should I get longer ones?

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    I replace my bunks with longer 7 foot boards w carpet and move them 6-8" back futher to the rear of the trailer to help with lighter hitch weight on all my trailers. also if you can find a tru 2"x4" they work even better than the 2x4 that actuly are 1 1/2x 3 1/2 finished boards.

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    I agree with the true 2x4, but I wasn't sure if I could find those treated. Overtons sells some 6' bunks already carpeted for $55 for two. I will have to price it out and see how much doing it myself will save me.

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    Consider switching to roller bunks.

    No carpet to tear up or degrade, easier on-off sliding and no scratching of the hull bottom.

    There are a few threads on here illustrating their use.

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