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    interchangable parts ? 1999 -200 genesis

    What if any parts interchange between a 1999 and 2001 or 2002 genesis

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    What parts specifically are you referring to?

    You can look them up one by one on Babbitts or Partsland or even the Polaris website. Kinda timeconsuming to look each and every one, though!



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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Many/most of the parts are interchangeable. Some electrical items are not, it depends on the model years which parts changed, and which stayed the same.

    Click below for more good info.

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    i have many genesis parts here, if you need, along with others ( virage etc).

    send me an email, or call the shop if i can help in any way.

    i am here for a while today, and will be back in on monday. i can answer emails most anythime though.

    happy new year!


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