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Thread: Case Sealant

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    Case Sealant

    I was at my local shop today and while waiting for the guy to grab me some parts from the back I noticed tubes of Threebond 1194 on the shelf. I looked for 1211 but they didn't have any. What is the difference between the two and could I use the 1194 to seal my crankcase halves when I assemble them? They told me that the 1194 is the same as Yamabond and Hondabond. (Never heard of Hondabond before). The 1194 was only about $7 per tube.

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    I have been using the 1194 for years, it works great. Used to be called 1104.

    It is my understanding that this is the exact same product as Yamabond, Kawabond, and even Ducatibond. Yes, at one point even Ducati jumped on the rebadging bandwagon.... But Ducatibond was $14 a tube!

    From the Threebond website:

    TB 1194 - OEMRTV
    A synthetic rubber semi drying visco-elastic sealer which is resistant to oil, water, gasoline and chemicals. The benchmark ThreeBond sealant still specified and used by many leading manufacturers and engine builders. Typical applications include sealing of transmission case covers, motorcycle cases, chain covers, 2 piece cylinders, clutch housings and oil filter mounting surfaces. Excellent where wear and damage can lead to excessive tolerances. Grey

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