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    Removing the top deck on the iS models - how to remove?

    Hey guys,

    Can anyone tell me how to disconnect the steering cable on the iS models to take the top deck off?

    I've managed to free the whole top deck, but I haven't got the slightest idea how to d/c the steering.

    Or does the cable stay connected and you just unclip the cable holders (if there is any) and just move the top deck around with the steering cable connected?

    I'm trying to get in to wire up a bilge pump and do some other bits n pieces...

    Any other tips for the top deck?

    Like how to get the side supports back up to level with the deck?

    Thanks heaps guys in advance and happy new year!

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    iS bildge

    If you just need to install a bildge pump, you don't need to remove the top deck. You just need to remove the rear left storage box under the platform and put it there. Then the fuse box is on the right side to wire it up. You can drill a hole on the trensom just under the bumper to get the water out. You need to pay attention to how you route the hose, make a loop up near the airbox (as far as possible above the water line) and drill a 2mm hole up in the top part of the loop. This will prevent water from coming back inside the boat.

    To disconnect the steering cable, you need to remove the cluster back cover and cluster support (4 snaps) and then you have access to the steering cable.

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    so you're basically dissecting a year old ski thats still under warrantee???
    put down the pipe......and slowly walk away....they'll always be tomorrow!!!

    good luck!

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    Got it all off and installed no problem in the end thanks to help on the AU ozpwc forum....

    Each to their own, its all warrantable in Au under our laws no matter what.... So nothing to stress about.

    The trick was in taking the gauge cluster off... Its all clips, no screws... Then the steering cable end is exposed and easily undone... There is actually a video on youtube that documents it

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