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    Another Product Review. Riva Fuel Pressure Regulator upgrade

    If anyone is on the fence about how to, or where to mount... I am installing the Riva Fuel Pressure regulator upgrade kit right now. I am taking install photos, and will post a complete installation report, followed up by some on water testing.

    The kit looks great like everythng I have taken out of a Riva box so far, the instructions are comprehensive, and the attention to details is right on target.

    Check back..

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    Part 1 Photos
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    Part 2 Photos
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    Review of install

    This is one of those upgrades that will only offer as much of a benefit as the user is willing and able to extract from it.

    Riva sets the base fuel pressure of the regulator at 60 psi (and it was exactly at that) because this is very close to what Seadoo sets them stock as OEM equipped. If you simply install this kit, there will be no gain or loss. What you will gain is the ability to TUNE.... There are 2 options for tuning here. First you can simply raise or lower the base fuel pressure to enrichen or lean the standard fueling. Second as many have seen, running large injectors or high fuel pressure or both, take a toll on the idle quality of your engine. With the 1:1 ratio option of the kit, you have the ability to have the fuel pressure at 60psi static, but add a psi of fuel for each psi of boost. So if you are running a 15 psi charger, you can have your cake and eat it to, because you can have 60 psi at idle and 75 psi at full boost. (There is one other advantage to a boost regulated regulator. If the injectors nozzles are seeing 15psi of boost, yet your static fuel pressure is 60psi, then your actual fuel pressure available to inject fuel when the injector gets it's pulse is is only 45psi. Think of it this way, if you only had 15psi base pressure, and you were running 15psi boost, when the injector opened the fuel could not leave the injector...get it? So running the fuel pressure static, you are running decreasing rate compared to boost. This becomes a big factor when you are running say 50psi fuel pressure static on a turbo with 30psi boost. The Net fuel pressure would only be 20psi at the injector nozzle and at that pressure the injector cannot atomize, and it is dripping fuel into the port. Hope that information helps) .....Ok onto the install...

    It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to install the kit start to finish. Very simple. As with all Riva stuff that I have installed, they didn't reinvent the wheel, but what they did do is "balance it" !!! everything you need is there, and as usual the directions are spectacular !! There are measurments, templates, good illustrations, etc...

    Basically you are pulling the fuel baffle out, draining it, replacing the internal regulator with a crafty little block off, and then hooking up the external regulator. It looked trickier than it actually was to take the plactic cover off of the stock internal regulator. I actually took a little video of it, and will post it to youtube, and link it here, but really you just gently pry on the 2 plastic tabs and it comes off. There are 2 small tabs that sit on top of the tabs that you must pry on that make it look like it will not just pry off, but just make as if they are not there, they do not hinder you at all. You will understand this step when you do it. Be sure to use motor oil on the o-ring on the regulator block off too..(I used a special Wurth product that is silicon based on all the o-rings and rubber connections, but if you do not have this type of product stick with the motor oil or you may clog something)

    You then add a fitting to the baffle for the return line. Even this fitting is well thought out, as it is machined to take a 6mm allen on the inside for ease of tightening. Different from the directions, I used a step drill to make the hole, beacuse I had one, and they go through plastic well. I also used a debur tool to take the edges off of the hole (see photos).

    When you reinstall the baffle, use silicon grease on the inside and the outside of the rubber seal. You may find as I did, that the rubber seal grows from the fuel saturation. Just make sure you tuck it into the tank first and then push the baffle into it. It went right back in, with no problems.

    There is not really much else to say, they made it so easy with the preinstalled machined fittings on the regulator. You simply clip the hose that used to clip to the baffle to the regulator, and clip the hose that comes from the regulator back to the baffle. Finally the return hose from the regulator gets crimped with a supplied Oetiker clamp to the baffle, and the plumbing is done !!

    I took a few extra minutes and made sure all hoses were routed and layed out gently, and would not chafe on anything, and I am a fanatic for using zipties for securing things.

    I swayed from the directions for 1 more small detail. The directions explain how to run the 1:1 signal hose to the intake manifold to drive the diaphragm, or to remove the fitting and install a small supplied filter screen if just using the static adjustment. Well right now I do not need the 1:1 ratio feature, but I will down the road. I hooked up the small vacuum hose to the regulator, and pushed the filter screen into the other end., looped up the hose and ziptied it under the ECU. This way I do not have to find it when the time comes. There is no pressure in this hose nor is there vacuum, when not hooked up, only the slight pulsing of the diaphragm, which is very near ZERO.. Just a tip, proceed as you see fit when you get to this step.

    I will test the boat on Saturday, but really expect very little change right now, as I have really only added the ability to "TUNE". I have a supercharger and ECU on the way, and this is when this kit will prove it's medal, and i will post a followup report at that time (1 to 2 weeks). I have an Innovate LM1 Lambda meter installed, and will do all of my tuning and documentation with the use of this tool and the addition of at least 1 EGT probe which I have not yet installed.

    Any questions or comments, feel free to ask..

    BTW: the kit will not come with the red aluminum bolts that I used. It comes with button head stainless bolts. The red Alu. bolts are mine. I am also a weight fanatic..
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    Great write-up..

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Great write-up..

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    Thumbs up Great info

    Great write up, cleared up alot of questions I had about doing something like this.

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    very nice write up man. Thanks!

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    Now this is probably going to sound like a stupid question but i have two rude rrfpr.One i run on my x which i had to send my fuel pump away to get the modification done to it and to add the terminator fuel rail.the other is just on an 07 rxp.I have the base pressure set on both at 60psi.So here is the question does my regulator automatically raise the pressure 1:1 as the riva does or do i have to do something to utilize this optionI am running 15psi chargers also and one riva ecu and the other rotax x 8800ecu.

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    Nice writeup

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