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    1994 waveraider 701 bogs intermittently?

    I have a 1994 waveraider 701. It has a coffman exhaust, riva flame arrestors, hot rod crank, bored 30 over and is premix. The summer before last it ran great. However, this last summer it started having some issues. It will run normal sometimes, other times you can hold the throttle all the way and it will just sit there for a second or two and then take off or it will only hit like 30mph and bog. If you let off the throttle for a second and do it again it will take off like normal. I have taken the carbs off and cleaned them out as that was my first thought, but they were clean. I replaced the fuel filter and recently replaced the starter relay. What else could be the problem? cdi? magneto? It has good spark sitting on the trailer.

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    I know you said that you took the carbs off and cleaned them but I have a XL760 and my ski was doing the off idle bog sometimes and it was the small clear plastic piece inside the carb that keeps the fuel at the carb. It was hardly noticeable. With that said the 30mph bog I would think would no way have anything to do with the little piece im talking about. If you have not rebuilt the carbs in a while It would not hurt. This ethanol fuel is tearing them up we see them in the shop often with the ethanol fuel eating up the seals. good luck and keep us posted if you figure it out!

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    Like stated above^^^^^^ Check the pump side of your carbs!

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    Carlson and Slydogge are right. just cleaning the carbs in not the fix. you need a full rebuild. Kits are not that bad on price. And if you dont feel comfortable doing it yourself I know there are lots of top quality people here who can. Osidebill comes to mind as one of the best carb guys around.

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