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    mixing oil types

    switching over to fully synthetic oil....will I have to drain out all oil in the system, or can I simply add the synth and let a gradual transition occur as the oil burns?

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    I would run it as low as you can and then drain the rest. Some oils don't mix with Synthetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaobin View Post
    I would run it as low as you can and then drain the rest. Some oils don't mix with Synthetic
    Which oils?

    Personally, I've switched over many ski's as well as a bunch of peeps I ride with have switched over in the past. We've always just run the existing oil low and refill with your choice.
    While I would never recommend swapping back and forth I've never first hand seen any different brand 2-stroke oils not mix, synthetic or not.

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    I would either run it nery low ( cautiously ) or simply drain as much out and refill with your new choice,, realize it will take about 10-20-30 minutes to clear out lines and pump of old oil...

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    Keep in mind that the oil only goes through the system once. This is quite different from a 4-stroke in which the oil circulates thousands of times. As long as the oil doesn't congeal in the tank (and I've never heard of any combination that does), you should be OK. I would run the tank low before switching.

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    You do not want to mix other oils with Klotz BeNOL.

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