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    engine covered with salt

    after almost every ski at the ocean my engine looks like this and at times worse. is this normal? can i do something so that the salt wont damage the engine? thanks
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    Looks like a water leak inside the engine compartment (exhaust cooling loop) gently spraying a mist over the engine at wide open throttle.

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    if it aint the above... fill all the holes under your seat with Sikaflex......

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    Nothin' better than Doo'in it! BigDaddyRXP's Avatar
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    You definitely have a problem! Soak that baby down in some XPS lube though

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    no thats not normal....unless you're sinking it evertime you ride!! j/k

    more info....stock setup,overseas riding,ect??
    that looks like you're riding with no seat,man!!!
    If you have that much salt intake,i would rinse motor compartment after every ride.
    it's a big world....who knows/good luck!!!

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    maybe there's an issue with one of the bailer lines? There known to cause problems.

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    put it in the water, leave the seat on the trailer.
    ride 1/4 mile from land, and into deeer water
    put reverse gate into neutral position
    then rev the engine to lets say 5000 rpm steady
    that should put enough force thru the pump to fully pressurize the open loop exhaust cooling system.
    now look back around jpipe flange, cooling hoses etc, for water spraying around.
    it could also be a bad carbon seal leaking constantly and alowing water to fling up into the compartment.
    you should be able to find where its coming from.
    that is alot of water!!

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    What i can tell you from my experience, is that i see this in mine as well. I also ride in salt water and i do a lot of spiners, jumps and rough turns and etc and i am covered with water a lot. Whenever i took the ski out to wash it the engine if i do all these stuff is like that and more. Cause i see water coming in from the front part of the seat where there is a small gap between the seat and glove box.

    I never had problem with the hull meaning leaks. I washed it afterwards with fresh water and then i either sprayed it with vinegar( the smell is bad but the result is amazing since it removes the salt immediatly) and now i am using salt away. I take a brush and some salt away without mixing it with water and i clean the engine after i have do it with fresh water and its dry. The engine looks brand new. I will send you some pictures for you to see. Also, if you dont want to use any of these stuff but only water, after it is dry you can spray it with silicone and it makes a small layer which the salt stucks to it and not in the engine.

    But if i ride normal the engine is clean. It all depends in the way of riding. I think that there is not a leak.

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    My take on this subject is that if you ride in rough water in the ocean, then this is completely normal. Basically the seat sucks the water in like a big sponge from all the water splash as you pound through heavy chop and as you bounce up and down on the seat the water held in the seat just gets sprayed over the engine. I am in the process of getting some form of carbon fibre splash guard /plate made which fits to the bottom of the seat that has a drain port that in turn drains into the bilge that will eliminate this problem.As long as you clean down your engine thoroughly after such rides then its no big deal.



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    hehehe. went out to an island about 114 kms. spent the night there at the island with my rxp just floating at sea then came home the next day. not much salt when i ski nearby.

    thanks all for the feedback

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