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Thread: XL1200 backfire

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    XL1200 backfire

    I have a 2000 XL1200 I just put back together and everytime I start it, it runs for a few seconds then POW! and shuts off, first time it happend it blew the hose off the waterbox, here's what's I've done. Sent the carbs off to be rebuilt, rejetted, accelerator pump removed all that good stuff, replaced the flywheel & stator due to two bolts backing out distroying them. I'm wondering if I did something wrong when I replaced the flywheel & stator? I pulled the plugs to make sure I have spark on all 3 so I know I have fire, I don't understand how I could have fuel buildup somewhere in the exhaust if all 3 are firing.

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    Go to the search button and type in "backfire". There is lots of info on this subject, some that is electronic and some fuel related.

    Hope this helps.

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    Usually a back fire means you just blew out a check valve in the carbs or the old ones were not replaced when they did the rebuild.

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