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    My FZR build info

    What started as a minor FZR build for improvement of an already great ski.
    Brief description and results.

    Completely stock:
    FZR stock standard less than 10 hours and not at rev limiter 65.8 mph

    First upgrade:
    R&D Intake grate & pump seal kit,
    (made the mistake of grinding down the tabs for a flush fit - have fitted washers to tabs but this may be causing porpoise issues)
    Riva Performance power filter kit,
    Riva Intake manifold upgrade,
    remove cowl foam,
    R&D multi port adapter,
    Riva Free Flow Exhaust, (may take it off due to drone) and
    Fitted fogging kit by drilling intake manifold end bosses.

    I am also removed the standard ride plate oem spacers and placed washers in the front of the ride plate.
    ski eventually reached 70.2 mph on the rev limiter
    The above made the ski much more responsive and hit the rev limiter on take off and wot.

    Fitted skat trak 13/25
    Trimed the R&D intake grate to be flush with the hull (later found this to be a mistake)
    Top speed 68.9 mph and revs around 7200

    Minor adjustment:

    R&D FZ ride plate with the no washers in the rear.... 72.7 mph
    Due to porpoise when low on fuel I fitted to two spacers to the rear and speed reduced to 71.3 mph

    Next step - decision time:
    Skat trak 13/25 ... still a big prop to spin...
    not sure to either....
    re-pitch down the prop or add power shot and possibly a C3 SC wheel....

    Last mods - or so I thought....
    Std prop back on and decided against power shot or C3 SC wheel....
    R&D BOV
    R&D anti cav cone
    bit the bullet.... and fitted a MoTeC
    MoTeC with a std MAP tune for 98 ron fuel... hit the 8300 rev limiter on hole shot & top speed....
    Top speed of 74.6 mph easily reached.
    Ski was fantastic and performed better than expected.... most impressed with the 'at any time' acceleration
    Problem now was that the std prop was way too small.

    The Motec made the ski 'come alive' through out the rev range and just as importantly the log files told me how it was performing.
    Looked at the Vipec ...yes it was cheaper but went with the MoTeC for the following reasons....
    Ability to transport to various makes of skis with simply a loom change and new MAP - justification was it will be used for years,
    Great support on this site and from MoTeC
    Ease of changing maps,
    Was impressed with the water testing of the unit (submersible and still worked), and
    toured the MoTeC facility and meet Peter Swinney

    Really happy with the ski - reasonable power and better fuel economy. The MoTeC was the best upgrade that I had done.

    Thought I had finished....
    Fitted the rear seat of an FZS to the FZR,
    Added an Engine Tech Xtreme SC wheel (15.5 boost at 8,350) and put the 13/25 skat trak back on....
    also added
    R&D spacer cfm kit for standard intercooler....
    Gary Watson Racing intercooler additional cooling line, and
    Gary Watson lower water tank spacer on standard intercooler
    Removed thermostat,
    Found an apprentice mechanic who was willing to try his hand at fine tuning the FZ (see pic below)...

    The Engine Tech Xtreme SC with the MoTeC took the ski to another level again.... brutal acceleration
    The joy, thrill that I experienced with the MoTeC (turned a good ski into a fast ski) - happened all over again with the SC wheel...
    the package exceeded expectations - it is an animal and provides continual grins...
    The afternoon of initial tuning unfortunately came to a premature end with the following....
    The FZR span the 13/25 to 8200 and 78.5 mph after 2 seconds at wot
    Due to the larger than necessary SC wheel it ran lean over 8000 revs due to the standard fuel injectors and Pete tuned the motor down and added wot timer limits...

    Last step....
    Fitted Injector Dynamics 725cc fuel injectors,
    installed a new map & tune for initial adjustments....
    removed two washers from the back of the R&D ride plate...
    brief test and received 2nd map from MoTeC Pete....
    On a flat river water run briefly reached new speed of 80.6 mph at 8300 revs... many thanks to Pete
    Am experiencing a lot of bounce and need to correct the bouncing...

    Two washers in rear of R&D Ride Plate... top speed 80.2 mph
    Had a big porpoise issue - re should not have trimmed the R&D intake grate to be flush....
    Borrowed another R&D intake grate (as I trimmed mine) and things improved.
    Put the Standard ride plate back on and top speed 78.1 mph

    Many thanks to all the contributors to GH... some that come to mind (and there are many more) are SHOBiz, ericBOOSTED, desperado, FZR N, 2fast4U, hitman, gmoller, gunna, mjh3ides and of course JD1 and Jerry.
    Without the effort that you guys continually put in and info you freely share my project would not have got off the ground.... or got this far...

    Back here in Aust special thanks to Gary Watson ( for his help, parts & advice and to MoTeC Pete for taking the time to come down ride and tune the skis and with continued support.
    Result one very happy FZR owner.

    Ride and enjoy the beast....
    More testing with ride plate washers.... found the R&D ride plate great for rivers but provides too much lift in the open ocean... loss of hook up.
    Need to do some fine tuning and report back....
    Budget is well into the red but would also like to add a better intercooler..... one day...

    Have detailed info on the build and pics if anyone needs help.

    Many thanks to all,

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    Very nice work Ed!!

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    Excellent write up Ed. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us

    That's Pete riding your ski

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    Excellent "write up"., is that to say you went with the bigger injectors instead of the RRFPR?
    I am inches from the Motec myself. At this point it's when and not "if".
    ....and, I still have to figure out why I have "Gas in oil".


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    Great write up ED. Thanks for sharing...

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    Awesome write up Ed and congrats on your speed. Sounds like you've learned a ton.

    Beef up that intercooler and you'll pick up a little more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eds_FZR View Post
    More testing with ride plate washers.... found the R&D ride plate great for rivers but provides too much lift in the open ocean... loss of hook up.
    If you want hook-up with that plate, put two washers in the front on each side and 4 washers in the back on each side. Night and Day hook-up. Speed is great, but if you cannot stay planted it means nothing. And many of us don't ride on glass everyday. So you need a set up for the worst conditions your going to ride in on average. If you set it up for GLASS, and only see glass 20% of the time, you are not going to be happy with your ride. Also, the guys in the Cayman Islands tested the R&D plate vs the Worx Ride Plate and they said Worx out performed it for riding in the ocean/chop.

    My opinion.

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    great write up Ed

    what's eveyones opinion for shimming the stock plate on the fzr? I ride about 65% rough water so I want some speed and some hookup. Thanks.

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    Great write up dude. Sounds like you got yourself a kick ass ski now.

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    Well done Ed.

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