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    78 mph RXP (2005)

    2005 RXP
    ran 78.1 mph (gps) at 85 degree air temp.

    perfect condition, always climate controlled garage kept

    burnt orange color

    Mods: riva 4in rear intake, R&D C3 monster wheel with spacer, metal washers, flow-rite vents, riva top loader grate, worked solas 14/19 +2mm , riva power pipe, green hulk water box, 2 degree pump wedge, trued ride plate, 42lb injectors, and a couple more. i will have to look through my 4tecperformance reciepts to be sure.

    have some pics, will figure out how to post them on here, but can email them as well.

    runs cosistantly 77+ on 100 degree days.


    not sure what the ski is worth but i have $2230.00 in aftermarket parts that are about 6 months old. Ski has been used less than 20 hours after all of the installs were made!

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    How Much for the ski?

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    idk? how much do you think its worth? i also have all of the stock parts. everything together and all of the stock parts to go with it, trailer and all $6800? also cover and life jackets

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    where are you located?

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    his zip code comes up as mullins SC 29574
    no way to confirm this though
    good luck with the sale

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    my rxp

    sorry guys have been really busy, but yes i am in Mullins, SC 29574 which is about 30 minutes west of Myrtle Beach, SC and i am right on the edge of the north carolina line. the ski stays in the garage but it and i had a little one on one time this past weekend, just going over everything as usual. i try to check everything twice a year just to make sure evrything is working thoroughly. i pul the head, check all valve train, pump, grease pump, new wear ring (just because, but didn't need one), inspect prop, check intake, check exhaust, change oil(amsoil), etc...

    any questions just let me know. can send pics to whoever would like to see them. this ski is above emacualte as how i like to keep my stuff. and it runs even better.

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