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    68N00 Impeller Pitch

    Had to change out my stock 66V stamped impeller with a 68N00 stamped impeller from an XL1200. I cant say I notice any difference in performance since my boat was running bad with the damaged 66V, but I would like to know what the pitch is on that prop.

    There was an earlier thread asking the same thing, but it went dead unresolved. Any ideas? In pursuit of 65MPH

    As an update, looks from the solas site that prop could be a 12/18 as found stock on the XL. I'm only getting 57mph at 6800rpm, can this prop be the problem? The right impeller should be 13/19.
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    the 12/18 shoud turn MORE rpm's than a 13/ 19 , 68n is the correct prop for a 2003 xl 1200. Maby your motor is a little down on HP!

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