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    260x Upgrade questions..

    Hey guys. New to this site and from what I see here I am excited to have found it.
    Few questions if you could help.......
    Buying leftover 260x. Going to Ride in the somewhat choppy Barnegat Bay in New Jersey.
    Can I run the stage 1 Riva Kit and not worry at all about AFR? Dont want any surprises by installing the powerfilter and exhaust mods and finding out weeks later I am developing a lean condition.
    I want a reliable 260x that is going to last me a few years. I am real religous when it comes to maintaining such an investment, and this is a huge purchase for me.
    Definitely going to get Rideplate and grate, but really want every advantage on the bay without sacrificing reliability.
    Any reccommended setups for me?

    Just going to be running her looking for little grudge races here and there in the Barnegat bay where it can get semi-really choppy.

    Thanks in advance..... Mike.

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    1 more question....
    How do you guys feel about running a 1 degree with the Riva Rideplate and is the ppk worth the install to help with cavitation?
    Thanks again, and any responses are appreciated......

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    Re: 260x Upgrade questions..

    Ahhhh shit another NJ rider. Where about in nj? Tices? Ride plates suck in the barng bag. Stay stock!!! Otherwise you'll unhook and bounce like a pogo stick. If you want, wait till the spring and I'll sell you my riva plate.

    Contact Rrated in bayville for ultra parts.

    They ride the bay often and can help you out better than anyone else.

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    Hey whats up. Yeah, I know Rudy down in bayville. I used to live in Ortley and ride in the surf alot. Had a 15f 2 years ago, and kinda enjoyed messing around over by cattus, tices, and other locations when the surf was flat. I was trying to do some preliminary homework on the 260x, but yes you are correct, Rudy is the man to talk to.....

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    Honestly Mike, i would just ride the boat "as is" for about 20ish hours and see what you think about it at that juncture. This is a much much different boat than the 15F. It is an excellent boat even right out of the showroom floor. If you surf this section you will see many Mods, Opinions, and counter opinions about this boat. But word to the wise, if you want to make this boat go really fast it will cost alot of $$$ in a hurry. This boat's strength is really its ability to handle rough water, and you get that for free (if you consider it is already built into the price of the boat when you buy it). Enjoy the ride! jb

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    Welcome Mike!
    Another Ultra running Jersey waters!

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