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    WTB Double Trailer NJ

    Hi. Need a Heavy duty Double Trailer. GVW 1900-2200 lbs.
    Had a load rite 2200 and would like similiar or same.
    Live in Central New Jersey. 732-299-2852 Anytime... Mike

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    i have the l/r 2200 you want 9 months old used 4 times asking $1100.00 firm.

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    not at this exact second but in the very near future I will be selling my 2008 Loadrite double ski trailer used 3times. $1100 and its yours. clean title in my name in hand! just moving up to a 3 ski trailer and selling both single skis and the double

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    Not meant to screw with these guys sales, but there are a few on CL.

    I saw 2 recently, LoadRites, one was $650 and the other I think was $550

    Check NJ CL under Boats. Not sure what area, may have been Central.

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    I always tell people you get what you pay for. good things arent cheap and cheap things arent good. but goodluck. mine is now forsale that I made the deal on the 3 ski trailer

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    Deals are out there, and nothing is bringing as much $ this year as last.

    You should see the mint LoadRite I picked up for $450 last year. Looks like new, has a huge box on it, and lots of other extras.

    If I was physically able, I would be buying all the trailers I could right now and holding on to them for spring. I could be making some nice $.

    If these guys above have 1 or 2 year old trailers for half of what they cost new, grab one.

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    i am selling mine, performance double heavy duty frame rust free
    i am located in florida , maybe too far from you?

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