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    need help with engine rebuild

    hey all need help with my engine rebuild came across some problems with the engine , the drive shaft gear has some ttooths worn down to about half way only a couple not much is this going to be a problem and also i put the timing chain tensinor in and when i hand crank over the engine it jumps is this normal cause its the my 1st rebuild and i am getting a littl worried ive checked over all the manual and cant find anythign about it
    any info will be good guys

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    What do you mean it Jumps? It is just cycling the cylinder?
    Are you sure your timming chain it correctly timed to the crank and cam gear? Also have a pic or two of the driveshaft? I have seen a worn driveshaft from mis alignment and also because a thrust washers failed.


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    No oil pressure will let the timming chain do that.

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