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Thread: How fast?

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    How fast?

    How do these Polaris ski's compare to the ski's from other manufacturers as far as speed, acceleration, handling, etc goes? Of course the newer supercharged monsters will be fast, but what I am talking about is models from similar years. How would a 94 Polaris compare to a 94 SeaPoo, that kind of comparison. Is 50mph on GPS considered fast? 60mph?

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    my aunt and uncle have a 95 gtx (now blown up) and i have a 95 slt 750 the gtx has 650cc motor and the slt has a stock 750cc motor and it smoked the gtx at 3/4 throttle the gtx was maxed out at 42 the slt was ahead but no confirmed speed as the mfd does not work. and the spi by sea doo is slower than my slt to.

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    There is another thread with many speed listings for various models and states of tune.

    60+ mph is top speed for the high powered stock models, both 2 and 3 seaters.

    Compares very well with the competition from the same eras. Top model Polaris were often the bigger engined, faster machines in a given model year.

    Polaris hulls with modified engines often get into the mid-high 60mph range.

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    A little reading for you.

    And just as a FYI: the 1992 Polaris 650 was the fastest ski for that year. (around 42-44 MPH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    A little reading for you.

    And just as a FYI: the 1992 Polaris 650 was the fastest ski for that year. (around 42-44 MPH)
    And the best looking for it's time ,the most stable ride also very good ski for it's day

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    PRO 785 >>>63MPH! 2000 SLX>>>>63 MPH over 60 for both! (Individual results may vary!)

    I think I remember at pontiac lake a few years ago a 99 seapoo blew by me at 60 plus while on my SLT. I wasn't very happy seeing that!

    We'll see IF anyone passes me now ! >>>Limited Pro785 It will actually be fun to race the big boys with the Pro. I think it will stay hooked better in rough chop and beat them silly. I ride great in rough water. It will be a race of nerves, not speed!. I used to ride my 14 foot speedboat thru that same surf, so I know from experience how to get thru it without losing it. This summer is gonna be so much fun! can't wait!. (i'm referring to Lake Saint Clair on a 25 knot windy days! going to gull island). Keddano knows what a PITA that can be when it's rough out. Constant 3 or 4 footers the whole way! 8 miles worth.

    And with the Pros' outrageous mid-range,, whoa! hold on! I'll be jumping 3 waves for every 4 coming!

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