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    Lake Gaston, Kerr, Anna

    Me and a couple of guys are plannig a Lake tour down south a little ways. We are planning on hitting Lake Kerr, Gaston, and Anna--- and maybe any other spots we can find along the way. We are in the south central, PA area. Can anybody tell me any info. about these lakes that I may need to know--- can i ride the entire lake? what marinas? ramps should i use? Are there ramps on all 3 lakes down by Gaston? We would like to ride all 3 there-- can I ride from one to the next or are there dams? Any info. would be great!!!

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    come on guys? has anybody ridden these lakes on here?????

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    I go lake gaston every year, i rent a house from stonehouse timer lodge, richard and martha, nice people, checkout the link below.lake gaston is huge, careful you can lost out there, not much to do other than the lake, there is a dam so you can't get to lake kerr, which is even bigger, been there a few times the only town on the lake is clarksville, nice place. there are a few restaurants to go too, there are public ramps everywhere on both lakes, and marinas to fillup, also on lake gaston is eaton's ferry marina or "morningstar marina" new name is another big place on lake gaston.
    Don't know anything about lake anna.

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    kool- thanks!

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