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    2001 Virage TX 1200 Impeller Replacement

    Need your advice,

    2001 Virage TX 1200

    Sucked somethig through that damaged impeller. Makes ski vibrate at idle. I don't have it apart yet and it's 100 miles away so I am looking for general info now. Looked like it may have been rubbing on sleeve.

    Im going to replace myself. What should I look for as in the parts that need to be replaced.

    Should I replace with stock impeller or are the preformance impellers that much better.

    I don't race but its nice to have power so I would upgrade impeller if it makes a difference.


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    The stock impeller does a reasonable job. There are a few alternatives available, including Skat-Trak and Nu-Jet, and one or two Polaris part numbers.

    If you haven't seen it yet, click the link below for some good info.

    When you pull the jet pump off, check the impeller bearings in the stator for slop or grinding noise. If there is any question about the remaining life of those bearings, install new bearings and seals now.

    Until you inspect the jet pump closely, it is hard to say whether you will need to replace the wear ring (aka extension ring) and the impeller.

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