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    Urgent help with rebuilt engine

    GUYS HAD MY ENGINE REBUILT AND when i took it for its 1st run its start to get overheated and when i looked in the hull there was oil and water everywhere , ive found one of the problems for the watre the water pipe for the exhoust was off but there is also one more pipe that is off but cant find where its located its a thin hose that runs form the tip of the exhaust to the th front of the engine please any help will be good and also wherre can alll this il leek come from

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    and i am getting error codes po 351 , po352

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    you need to update your profile so we can know what ski and engine you have.
    I wish we could read minds, but for now a description of your machine would really help.

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    seadoo 07 rxp

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    There are so many things that may have gone wrong, first you need to clarify a few things;

    Was the rebuilder a qualified mechanic with 4tec rebuilding experience?
    Why was it rebuilt?

    We may be able to help you but it is going to be very difficult without knowing what was done in the re-building process.

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    its had a supercharger gear failure and decided to do a bottom end rebuild (bearings , charger , timing chain , oil pump, gaskets and so on , everything was done by the book by me and a friend we have worked on the ski before , but now all these errors are coming up

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    picture of themystry hose would be good. tip of the exhaust..any mods tto the ski..i dont even remember to much what my ski lookes like stock..there is a hose that goes from the pump to the intercooler then in the exhaust manifold...out of the exhaust manifold to the j pipe ..

    use the skimatics on the oe replacement parts to find where they go...

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    yeh done all that , but now the ski wont kick over and getting all these errors , i am just scared thast i might have seized it again

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    Most likely you left a bottom end plug undone for the oil...or one got luse....double check all of them by running your hand over it. Or just pure more oil in the engine and see where is it leaking out.

    For the water the ski on the garden hose first before you take it in the water...this way you know all the hoses are on right, at idle pressure...then the only hoses that will pop off are the ones you didnt tighten.

    You will get lots of codes if your missing oil and engine is over heating....fix the oil and the water problem first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh_m View Post
    yeh done all that , but now the ski wont kick over and getting all these errors , i am just scared thast i might have seized it again

    Pull the spark plugs , and try to spin it over, if it still won't spin over, then pull the SC back out, and try it again. Then if not the motor is siezed.

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