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    Riva GP1200R World Record ??? What the?

    Riva claim a world record with this 1560cc Big Bore ski of 87.7mph @ 7900rpm

    What is holding Riva back, or is a BB only worth 1mph??

    JoeBlo was doing 86.6 with 150 less rpm on 1200grate 2 years ago, only 1mph slower on his Lowell Ported 1300cc GP1200R, and Joeblo never sat back on the seat or loosened the ski up and always ran a 1200 intake grate which if changed would have got him very close (or past) to the claimed speed of Riva let alone what the extra 150rpm would have got him, and it didn't take Joeblo 400 hours of R&D to do his either?

    surely there must be a lot more in that Riva BB ?

    A Video of Joeblo doing a speed run

    and one maybe not so funny

    And one more

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    More Video

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    The Riva ski was built a long time ago. I'm sure if they built a ski today it would be much faster. For its time it was probably the fastest.

    Today theres just faster parts and more known about how to setup for top speed. Its not just about how much power. A Big bore is worth more than
    1mph on a tripple.

    I did 89mph+ 3 years ago with a 1390. Many others have too.

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    the riva speed was also confirmed by gwr not just the top speed reading on a gps
    if i remember corectly it was a timed run over 1,000 meters and they a return run within half an hour
    and then the average of both was used to determin the speed
    i think it cost $10,000 to have it validated as well


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